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My Gear



The Sony FS7 is a versatile workhorse that has transcended the industry since it's inception. It has been wisely wielded to shoot countless commercials, documentaries, features and more. Even in it's later iterations the core of the camera has remained more or less unchanged.


Rokinon glass has a crisp cinematic look for a fraction of the price of competing brands saving huge costs for the production. There have been many a youtuber to make comparison videos with Rokinons contending against the best lesns in the industry and these guys hold their own.


This tripod system is very versatile and feature rich. It features counter balance, pan and tilt drag systems a light up leveling bubble, and a quick release plate with 2 different screw sizes. The legs are functional with 75mm or 100mm heads. It's height capabilities are impressive allowing you to get as low as a typical hi-hat as well as over 6 feet tall!

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